Push Masters

A Multiplayer Co-op Game on Nintendo Switch and PC


Push as many passengers as you can into the train before it departs. Stuff them all in!

Sometimes a normal push is just not enough to move those slow passengers, use specialized skills to make them move faster into the train. So put on your Conductor's cap and stuff them all in!

Push Masters is an Action Multiplayer game, developed for the Nintendo Switch platform: up to four players can engage in a fun and chaotic gameplay where the player’s main goal is to push as many passengers as possible into the train before it departs. Use featured comical & crazy-looking visuals, and ridiculous special gadgets to push even more passengers, Push Masters will provide an exciting experience either for single or multiple players.

My Role

Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, and Technical Artist

I am proud to be the Project Manager of this project. I have learned a lot working within a team of talented people. Together we made this fun and exciting game!

Software Used

Push Masters Gameplay Demo

Game Overview

Push Masters is a console-based multi-player arcade game that focuses on pushing the required number of passengers into the trains within a set time limit. You can play with your friends working together in the cooperative mode or race them to fill your train first in the competitive mode. Each level requires you to push a specific number of passengers into the trains within a set time limit. This game can be played by up to 4 players, with each player choosing their own Pusher character. Each Pusher has both a normal push action, as well as a unique ability. You will have to try to utilize your abilities to move the passenger faster as they slowly walk in the station. The stations will get more and more packed as commuters show up. The demand for train rides is increasing. You are constantly pushing, dragging, and using your unique ability on the passengers to make them go into the train. It is up to you to choose either to work with friends to utilize the abilities together or race and steal passengers from them to be the first to fill your designated train!

Agile Statement

For: Casual players who like to play individually or in groups
Who: Like to relax, chill and kill time
The: Push Masters
Is a: console-based multi-player arcade game
That: players have to push passengers into trains before they depart
Unlike: Crowd Simulator
Our Product: is a multiplayer action-comedy party game that lets players do something they are not allowed to do in real life

Key Features

Silly multiplayer fun all-around!
Cooperative and competitive modes, both are chaotic and fun.

Unique Pushers’ skills
Normal push sometimes is not enough, you have to use your skills to make those passengers move faster. Use that Punching Gun or throw those Banana Peels, play and find out more skills you can use!

Push as many passengers as you can before the train departs!
Passengers slowly walk into the station, but they are not fast enough! Push them to go faster into the train.

Interface Design

This game has a very simple interface design because it has limited information for the users. The most important is the level's objectives which are the number of passengers and time. The other thing is the character tool's cooldown time. The following are images of the game interface design from wireframes to finished.

The Pushers: Players

The game's playable characters are friendly-looking Pushers. Each of them has the same "small push" ability and a special skill/tool that enables them to push passengers or players around. Their similar appearance was a major design decision in order to not confuse the players during gameplay - since the game contains a wide range of really different looking NPCs.

The following are the tools and effects:
● Punching gun: gives the player a stronger power that can affect multiple passengers in front.
● Magnet: attracts groups of passengers closer to the players
● Smelly farts: repel passengers away from the player
● Banana peels: make a passenger slip and go "skiing" forward losing control

Passengers: NPCs

The game has a fun mixture of different non-playable characters to spice and add more excitement to the experience. All of them have different characteristics, such as speed, weight, and behaviors, in order to make the pusher's job more challenging and enjoyable.

Level Design

There are two main challenges in each level: push the required number of passengers into the train and a time limit. All levels take place at the train station platform, where passengers are either walking to the trains slowly, getting off the trains or just walking around.

● At the beginning of each level, trains will arrive at the station. The level starts as soon as the trains' doors are opened.
● Players will need to push the required number of passengers into the train before the time runs out and the train leaves the station.
● Upon completing a level, new level(s) and passengers will be unlocked

In-game Screenshots

Team Pusher

Thank you! I had so much fun developing this game with my team.