User Experience & Interactive Design


Peek is a user experience and interactive design project consisting of an interactive art installation showcasing how people’s instinctive sense of curiosity can unknowingly intrude upon the personal space of others.

By using distance detection, this installation allows users to experience the scenario of invading other people's personal space. Pre-recorded footages are linked to certain distanced conditions and are triggered when these conditions are met creating a real-time interactive installation.


Project Manager, User Experience & Concept Design, Directing, Storyboarding, Script Writing, Video Editing


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro


Project displayed at Aberthau Mansion Nine Interactive Video Event hosted by Mark Nazemi.

Event Information: Link

Event Video: Link


We made a video after the showcase to summarize the concept of the project and the user experience and interaction.